Monday, September 30, 2013

Sunny Afternoon

Here are a few more pictures that I just found, 
left over from last spring:

This was still last school year, when Gideon went to school half days in the morning and Micah attended two afternoons per week.  We had been playing outside while waiting for Micah and Verity to arrive home from school:

They both love riding the lift on the school bus.  Their own personal amusement park ride, twice a day.  

Happy to sit in the shade and watch 
the brothers and sister play.

Micah loves the trampoline!

I think I appreciate these pictures even more now, as we head into the long, gloomy gray months of Western Washington winter.  But even if the sun isn't shining, the kids always find a way to make their own sunshine!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Surgery Time, Again

Last spring Micah had another surgery.  We all stayed in a family apartment nearby for a few days (with Grandma Doris) and Grandma and I took turns spending time with Micah while the other kept the rest of the adorable ones amused.  I took some great photos of the other kids at the park across the street from the hospital.  Unfortunately that was right around the time my computer called it quits, so I am just now finding the pictures on my memory card.  So here they are, in the spring sunshine:

And now for a not so cheerful face:

While everybody else was skipping around the park, poor dear Micah was recovering from another round of surgery.  Heartbreaking little face.  Begging me with his quivering lip and tear-filled eyes to take off the no-no and the IV and let him go home.  Surgery is necessary sometimes, but that never makes it easy.  Dear brave little boy.

I'll write a bit more about the surgery in a post coming up soon.