Monday, August 12, 2013

Signing Time

Gideon loves to watch Signing Time.  Even though he is talking more and more, these DVDs remain one of his favorite things to watch.  But now he says the words instead of just signing them, so it makes great speech practice!

The look on his face when the DVD starts:

Gideon singing:

Signing "red":

And he loves his bucket of cars.  He can line these up over and over again, all morning long.

Micah is still not really signing.  He is pretty good at communicating with giggles, grunts, reaching, grabbing, and if that doesn't work, bursting into gigantic crocodile tears when he doesn't get his own way.  Signing just doesn't seem to interest him. 

This is one of his favorite things to do these days: pulling himself up on furniture!  He is SO strong!  He isn't able to balance yet, but he is starting to cruise, taking small, cautious steps as he holds onto things.

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