Monday, August 29, 2011

Impossible not to love

Today I want to share the profile of a little guy who sounds like a real character.  It seems that Maxim is in a very good children's home in eastern Europe, and is described as a "hooligan" with "a sunny smile."  Also "housewifey."  His description just cracks me up.  Does this kid have personality or what?  Maxim has Down Syndrome.  He is in a good place.  However, no matter how good a children's home is, it is still not a family.  This little guy is doing so well.  Can you imagine how great he would fit into a family?  Perhaps yours?  Surely there must be a family needing a sunny housewifey hooligan around!

Maxim 15H

Boy, Born 2002
Oh, how this little boy melts my heart!  Just look at his 
smile!  He is very high functioning, and will do very well 
in a loving family environment.  He has been blessed to 
grow up in a baby house and privately run home for
children with special needs, and he has been LOVED.  
He has many advocates and volunteers who love him 
dearly, and have asked us to please help him find a 

It is possible he has Mosaic Down syndrome.

We are waiting on his full medical records.  But he is very healthy, active,
social . . . just a love!!

From his caregivers and friends:   "Expectant parents need to prepare for Maxim 
difficulties and learn to accept it for what it is: hooligan, a little jealous, but very 
good-natured and charming.   Maxim respectable hoodlum, may, for example, to
 climb into adult shoes (larger size, the merrier) and enthusiastically stomping down
 the corridor until you catch up.   Loves to joke.    In its immediacy and sunny smile 
forgiven all hooliganism.   Given his state of health, Maxim has good prospects for 
further development.   He can not speak, but communicates well with the world
through gestures and some of the sounds, knows the names of colors and geometric
 shapes, animal names, colors, fruits and vegetables, loves to play around with toys, 
loves being read poems and fairy tales.  Maxim is very housewifely, helps with 
cleaning.   He needs a home where it will and will love.   
And it is impossible not to love.

Region 15 – General Information

  • 2 trips
  • 1st trip, Both parents for 5-7 days
  • Wait 2-3 months for court
  • Both parents travel for 2nd trip, one can leave after 4 days
  • The other waits stays approx 3 weeks longer
  • 10-day waiting period is NOT waived for special needs
  • Up to 8 children in the home if the family income is sizeable
  • Both parents must be younger than 60 years
  • Fee includes orphanage donation
  • Married couples and single mothers may apply
  • Total program and travel fees under $28K
Wouldn't you love to read this little guy poems and fairy tales?  Wouldn't you love to joke around with him?  Wouldn't you love to hear him laugh and see that lovely smile and watch him grow up knowing the love of a forever family?  He is an "older child."  Passed over again and again.  Because he is "too old."  But Maxim is not too old.  He is a sweet little boy who would blossom with the love of a family.  I am praying that his family will find him soon!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


                                                                       This is Dmitry.

Dmitry H. 25C

Brothers and sisters do not
Date of Birth: November 2004
Gender: Male
Eyes: Gray
Hair: blond
Character: quiet, affectionate boy, easily comes into contact with adults and children. Interested in classes, complete instructions after the joint action.  Considered higher functioning and doing well!

Dmitry is six years old.  He is adorable, isn't he?  Quiet, affectionate, clever, and cute as a button.  He is waiting for his family to find him.  He is listed in the "Down Syndrome Older Boys" section on Reece's Rainbow.  Older?  Only in the adoption world would a tiny little love like this be labeled an older child!  I have been praying for this little boy for quite awhile now.  Anybody who has met my Josiah will know why Dmitry caught my eye.  They could be twins! 

But while my Josiah goes to sleep with tickles from daddy and a bedtime story and snuggles from mommy every night, Dmitry goes to sleep every night in an orphanage on the other side of the world.  No mommy.  No daddy.  No family to cherish him and laugh at his goofy antics.  
Funny thing:  Josiah just walked in, saw Dmitry's picture on the screen and said, "Huh?  Mom, is that me?  That boy looks just like me, except maybe a tiny bit different."  So it's not just me that sees it, right?    
If I could just add Dmitry to our tab, I would in a heartbeat.  Unfortunately, he is in a different country than our Gideon, so that is not possible.  But I know that somewhere out there, he must have a family.  How could this precious boy, who reminds me so much of my son, grow up without ever knowing the love of a family?  
You can find his profile at

I am praying for the day that I see Dmitry in his mommy's arms.  As cute as his serious little expression is, I would love so much to see a smile lighting up Dmitry's face!
Wouldn't you?

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A step forward!  Our FBI fingerprints came back!  FINALLY!  We passed, in case you were wondering.  ;)  That means our homestudy can finally be written.  Then we can get things really moving!  I am so so happy to finally feel like something is happening!  And in case I didn't mention it . . . FINALLY!  (Yeah, I know, I'm not the most patient person.)

And in other news . . . we will have big news to announce very soon!  Wish I could say more now, but stay tuned.  It is big!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Five Years

Happy Birthday to my precious boy!  

Gideon turned five years old today.  

Five years ago today a beautiful baby boy was born in Eastern Europe.  His parents . . . who were they?  We don't know.  My heart goes out to his birth mother today.  I wonder if she remembers him.  I wonder if she had big dreams for him.  I wonder how it all happened . . . how he ended up being left alone.  In an orphanage.  I wonder so many things.  In a couple of months I will hear the information in Gideon's file, and maybe I will learn the answers.  Or maybe not even then.  That is just how things go when adopting from Gideon's country.  

I wonder what Gideon's day was like today.  I have been praying for him all day, praying that somebody would show him a bit of love and kindness today.  Praying that God would wrap my boy in His loving arms today and sustain him for a while longer.  Praying that God would whisper into Gideon's heart to hang on just a bit longer.  That He would whisper, "Your mommy and daddy are coming, dear one!"  

Gideon is a mystery to me:  a child I have never held, never kissed, never laid eyes on.  I don't know his voice.  I don't know how big he is.  I don't know all that much about him at all.  Yet I love him.  I love this boy so much, and he does not even know we exist.  

But God willing, this will be the 
last birthday that he spends alone.  

Today I spent his birthday driving around town, begging convincing various people to write letters and fill out forms to move our adoption along.  I bought some little toys for him.  I sent out more emails to try to move things along (paperwork things that just are not moving along . . . arrgg!)  I finished up the editing on a little video I've been putting together to show people what our adoption is all about (stay tuned . . . it will be ready to share very soon!)  I sanded the drywall mud down in Gideon's new bedroom.  I prayed for him a lot.  And I found myself in tears off and on throughout the day.  Five birthdays I've missed.  It is enough to break a mommy's heart.  No child should be alone on his birthday.  
And then to end the day, I took my kids to a birthday party.  A little friend of theirs just turned four years old.  Yep, my son's birthday most likely passed unnoticed, and we were at another child's party.  I feel like I betrayed Gideon somehow.  It was a very nice party, by the way, and a good distraction . . . but still. 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Twelve Years

Twelve years ago today I married my college sweetheart!  

Celebrating twelve happy years today
with some frisbee golf and ice cream sundaes!

We were hoping for a second honeymoon
in Eastern Europe, but unfortunately
we are still a couple of months away from traveling.

Gideon's birthday is in just two days.
If you haven't yet sponsored a puzzle piece,
would you consider doing so?
Time is running out . . . 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

They arrived!

And to think I was worried! 
Our passports arrived in plenty of time!  
Thank you, Lord!
One less thing to fret about.

And as far as Gideon's new room goes,
check out our progress:
I just have to say, this was used as a storage room.  
No, the rest of our house is not total chaos . . . just 
this one room.
This room has been my saving grace for four years.  When I don't know where else to put something, I shove it in this room.  When I don't want the kids to get into something, I stow it in this room.  When I want it out of the way and probably should just get rid of it but haven't decided yet . . . yeah, you guessed it . . . into the room.
So here's the same room 
after a major mucking-out session:  

(And we also finished a new storage closet under the stairs to move a lot of that stuff into, and so far, it looks MUCH TIDIER than the above picture!  So calming to have everything neat and organized, isn't it?)
Anyway, above is Derek, getting ready to install the window for his son's new bedroom.

And now the window is in!  
No broken glass, no broken bones . . . I don't know how 
he does it, but Derek is amazing!  

The picture below was the view outside Gideon's new bedroom this afternoon (that is Derek perched on a rickety old ladder outside a very tall second-story window ((shudder)) and he is now safely down, so I am now breathing normally again)

But normally this will be what Gideon sees when 
he looks outside.   Our berry garden:

And when he looks off to the left, the pasture with the chickens and goats wandering around.  
I sure love our pretty little farm.  
So peaceful and private.  
And I think Gideon is getting the best view in the house!  
I hope he likes it.

Now we will move on to taping and mudding, 
so I can get to the really fun part:  the painting and decorating!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Add this to the to-do list

Any guesses what this:
and this:

and this:

have to do with Gideon?

We are getting his bedroom ready!

Goodbye, messy old storage room,
hello, cute little boy's room!

The last few days, we've been moving out huge stacks of junk valuable belongings too dear to part with.  This is the room we heaped stuff into when we moved in nearly four years ago.  You know, all that stuff that you don't know where else to put it?  That stuff.  Now where to put it?  That's a whole other post entirely!  But the room is looking bigger and bigger, and way less scary, and hopefully today we can get the last of the stuff out of there.  

This weekend we are planning on hacking a giant hole in the side of our house and installing a window in the room.  
Did I mention that neither Derek nor I have any idea how to actually go about installing a window where there was not one before?  We can replace windows, sure, but this is going to be a whole different adventure!  

And it's an upstairs bedroom, so there is going to be a really big ladder involved.  Gulp.  I don't do big ladders.  I don't like to watch Derek do big ladders.  I hyperventilate at the thought of big ladders.  I might need to leave for awhile when this part happens.

But we talked round and round about where to put Gideon, and we decided that, not knowing this little dumpling or what he is like, we have no idea if he will be a good fit to share a room with our other boys.  And after all, we do have a six bedroom house.  No need to all crowd in together.  Except the bedroom we want to put him in is nowhere near finished.  

So just in case the busyness of homestudy paperwork, dossier paperwork, fundraising, homeschooling, running the farm, and keeping this huge house clean and functioning wasn't enough, we are now going to be finishing a bedroom, as well!  

So here's our new to-do list 
(to be added to the top of our existing 
lengthy to-do list, of course):
Install a window
Install flooring
Install trim
and then my favorite part:
(I love decorating!)