Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Wynoochee Lake

We got some nice pictures of the kids 
on this lovely fall day at Wynoochee Lake!
Swimming and a picnic with Grandma and Grandpa 
was a lovely way to spend the day!

Grandma and Grandpa's poodle, Tasha
Grandpa Jan and his collie, Claire

I love the fall!  My parents were here for a far-too-brief visit this fall, and I was so happy that they were able to enjoy some better weather this time around.  

Their last visit lasted about seven months, and I think it rained the entire time.  I'm not really even kidding.  It was very dreary, from about October until April.  Gray with lots and lots of rain.  
We were so blessed that they were able and willing to give us so much help during that time, and endure the western Washington gloom and drizzle and mud.  They parked their 30-foot travel trailer next door to us and lived there (it is really very nice inside!) to help us out around the time of the adoption.  During our trips to Ukraine they came and lived with the kids, and the rest of the time they had their own private little home right next to ours, and helped out with babysitting and moral support.  
And then once we got all settled in with the boys, they were finally freed up to set off on some adventures of their own!  They are currently living in their travel trailer, traveling around the country and visiting some of the places they have always wanted to visit.  You can read more about their experiences here, at my mom's new blog.  Isn't technology amazing?  Feels like I am right there on their journey with them, and the kids can keep track of exactly where Grandma and Grandpa are and what they are doing, right here from our very own home.  Makes it feel like they are not really so far away, you know?  

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Stacie Evensen said...

I agree about the technology. It allows me to keep up with everything going on while I'm so far away in Myanmar.
WONDERFUL pictures. I love Gideon's rendition of swimming in the lake! Glad to see how well they are doing and a fun fall trip with grandma and grandpa.