Friday, February 15, 2013

It's Been One Year!

Today was a beautiful day.  Gideon was just so amazingly adorable today, tumbling off the school bus after school like a playful puppy, eyes sparkling, smiling and shrieking "Mama!  MAMA!!!" and barreling across the driveway and slamming into me in a full body hug.  He always loves to ride his beloved bus, and he always loves to come home, but today he was just especially sweet and exuberant.  Maybe it was the sunshine.  Maybe it was the blue sky.  I'm pretty sure he doesn't know or care that today's date carries special significance in our family.  Gideon doesn't really pay a lot of attention to things like that.  He is too busy drinking in every minute of every day, and I love that about him.  But today does happen to be a very special day in my heart.

One year ago today, February 15th, two orphans became orphans-no-more, and Derek and I gained two beautiful sons.  Our adoption was granted on this day last year . . . one of the most important and exciting days of our lives!  Thank you, all of my dear friends and family who have supported us and loved us and prayed with us.  Hard to believe it's been a year already, and at the same time, hard to believe that it's only been one year.  I cannot even imagine my life, and our family, without these precious boys.  God brought us to them, and them to us.  One year ago we stood in a courtroom, for the second day in a row, and promised to love these boys, to care for them and provide for them, for the rest of our lives.  And the judge entrusted us with two priceless treasures.  Their lives changed forever, and they have changed us forever.  Praise the Lord, for His good and wonderful gifts!


Tess said...

What a blessing you are...I am so grateful it all worked for the good.

Jolene said...

Happy 1 year Anniversary, Everson family!!! What a journey it has been for you, and what a blessing it has been for me to follow along!

Anonymous said...

More updates on Gideon and Micah please!! I'd love to hear how he's getting on since his operation last year. :)