Sunday, September 29, 2013

Surgery Time, Again

Last spring Micah had another surgery.  We all stayed in a family apartment nearby for a few days (with Grandma Doris) and Grandma and I took turns spending time with Micah while the other kept the rest of the adorable ones amused.  I took some great photos of the other kids at the park across the street from the hospital.  Unfortunately that was right around the time my computer called it quits, so I am just now finding the pictures on my memory card.  So here they are, in the spring sunshine:

And now for a not so cheerful face:

While everybody else was skipping around the park, poor dear Micah was recovering from another round of surgery.  Heartbreaking little face.  Begging me with his quivering lip and tear-filled eyes to take off the no-no and the IV and let him go home.  Surgery is necessary sometimes, but that never makes it easy.  Dear brave little boy.

I'll write a bit more about the surgery in a post coming up soon.

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