Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Prayers and Blessings

My Prayers Today:

  • That somebody would hug Gideon and Micah today.
  • That somebody would smile at them.
  • That their tummies are full.
  • That the Lord would whisper into their ears, "Soon, little one, very soon," and that He would wrap them in His peace.
  • That we would get an update on the status of both of these boys before we travel.
  • That we would get a travel date.  

My Blessings Today:

  • Cozy home out of the cold, drizzly rain.
  • Fridge full of good food for my family (and freezer full of nice home-cooked meals ready to be cooked for my kids while we are traveling.)
  • Three sweet cuddly children who never complain about my off-key singing and never get tired of hearing stories read aloud to them.
  • Hubby has steady work and rushes home from work every day, changes out of his sopping wet clothes, and then rushes into the living room to get mobbed by his adoring fans.
  • My favorite new neighbors, a.k.a. my wonderful parents, who are currently living in their RV in our driveway, ready to swoop in and take over the care and feeding of my children whenever we get a travel date (not to mention the farm animals, housework, homeschooling, and extracurriculars!)
  • Still having trouble even comprehending this one.  We have been trying to juggle numbers to figure out how to cover travel costs to and from our boys' country.  Three round trip adult tickets (first trip times two parents, second trip for me, two one-way child tickets.)  Well, today I got a phone call.  There is a lovely lady who wants to pay for all of our airline tickets.  They are paid for!  BLESSINGS just isn't a big enough word!  This is amazing!  And the most amazing part of all?  I have never met this dear woman.  She heard about us through some wonderful friends from church, and she wanted to do something real.  And this?  This is real!  Two real live little boys will, God willing, be home very soon because a faithful daughter of God chose to make LOVE a VERB today.  I am just in awe!  Our God is an awesome God!  


Anonymous said...

What an awesome act of Christian faith and love! Her reward is no doubt awaiting her in Heaven one day. God bless you sweet lady! Prayers for great travel, safety, and the protection of your family through our Heavenly Father during your mission to rescue "the least of these." Praying throughout your journey!

Jed and Kimber said...

Wow! What a huge blessing! I hope you get some news really really soon. I can't wait to see some new pictures of Gideon :)