Monday, November 7, 2011

Today is Their Day (?)

Today is Orphan Sunday.  Not really feeling much joy in reporting that my *future* *hopeful* sons are still orphans.  Wish they were here.  Longing for my boys so much today.  

(Yes, we are hoping to adopt another little boy in addition to Gideon, but no, we are not yet free to post his photo or identity publicly.  Sure wish we could!)

You may know that our adoption process is at a stand-still currently.  (Or if you didn't, then you do now!)  Our boys' country is undergoing some pretty major changes in their government, and reorganizing their entire adoption process.  This takes some time.  Perhaps lots of time.  And some of the rules are probably going to change in the process.  Which ones?  We don't know yet.  Will our boys still be available for adoption once everything is ready to go again?  We don't know yet.  We may need to submit new paperwork.  Which papers?  We don't know yet.  How much more will this cost?  We don't know yet.  How long of a delay will this cause?  You got it . . . we don't know yet.  

So for the last few weeks we've only had the above information.  Which really stinks!  Well, we got somewhat of an update on our adoption process today.  Finally, right?  How exciting, right?  Except really the update is:  No new news.  Keep on waiting.  How long?  Nobody knows.  We know that no families are being given travel dates at this point, and who knows how long until things may start moving again.  Yuck.  Happy Orphan Sunday.  

This is Orphan Sunday.  Apparently the one day each year that the church sets aside their busy schedules for a moment to remember the orphans.  You know, the ones Jesus commanded the church to care for?  Just seems like if we are the body of Christ, then shouldn't every day be Orphan Sunday, or Orphan Monday, or Orphan Tuesday?  Really?  They just get one day?  All 147 million of them, and they get this one day.  Well, anyway, I hope the church really made it count!  All I know is, my boys are still there, and we are still waiting.  

Recently I heard something said in a movie, "The Grace Card."  (Great movie, by the way!)  One of the characters said something like, "Sitting in church on Sunday morning, that's like the locker room.  It's just a pep talk.  The rest of the week?  That's the game."  You think?  
So if you missed Orphan Sunday, that's okay!  You can make tomorrow Orphan Monday!  You can make every day Orphan Day.  You can pray for an orphan.  You can donate to an orphan's adoption fund.  You can do a fundraiser for an orphan.  You can donate time to an orphan.  You can share an orphan's story with others.  You can support a family who is adopting, or has adopted an orphan.  You can consider adopting an orphan yourself!  You don't need to save it for just this one day each year.  147 million kids are waiting, each and every moment of each and every day, waiting to see whether anybody in the whole wide world will love them.  And Jesus commanded us to care for them.  
What do you say, church?  

"I'd like to ask God why He lets 
poverty and injustice exist,
why there are so many orphans,
and why He does nothing about it,
but I am afraid He would ask me
the same question."
~unknown source

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{ MELBOURNE ROAD } said...

you have given many a lot to think about which is a really good thing! every day should be orphan day and the same for the fatherless day. there are MANY kids being raised in fatherless households that need prayers for stability and direction against the enemy leading them astray :(
that is our job as the hold these orphans and fatherless children up before the Lord.
thank you for sharing