Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Just Kidding

"Hey, Gideon, look in the barn.  What do you see?"
"Mama!  Look!"

"Um, mama?"  Gideon wasn't sure what to think of this!

Our nubian goat had triplets!  And we got
to watch the last two being born!  

Gideon decided that holding a baby goat is perhaps
the very best thing that has ever happened in his
entire life!  He just kept giggling and giggling!

Think Blessing likes the baby goats?

Micah was pretty sure that this was not a good idea.
"Get this thing away from me, Mama!"  

Micah thought about touching a goat, but then he was done.
He was so ready to go back inside . . . sweet Micah always
takes awhile to warm up to new ideas.


dayle said...

That was great fun to see! Thanks for sharing the photos and the video, too. Nice for us who can't come see you!!! Love, cousin Dayle

Cara said...

so cute! We have chickens and a big vegetable garden but no goats yet! I loved those pictures; the one of Blessing made me smile so big. I remember your boys from before they were committed to on Reece's Rainbow and that's how I started following your blog. I am learning so much so thanks for letting us follow along.

Betsy said...

I love your post title! Very cute. Some day Micah will be just as excited as the other kids. The kids (the people ones)all look so happy!