Saturday, May 19, 2012

Play Ball!

T-Ball season is in full swing, so we are spending a lot of beautiful Saturday mornings cheering on Josiah from the sidelines.  It is pretty cute to watch four and five-year-olds run the bases.  My favorite part is seeing my little boy all suited up in a tiny little catcher's mask and protective gear, crouched down behind the tee like a little mini pro.  I love springtime!   And I love having kids playing baseball, because it gives us a good reason to get all the kids out into the sunshine!

It is also baseball season for Isaac, and he is the most eager, enthusiastic Little Leaguer you could imagine.  He really loves being a part of his team. 
Isaac has wanted to play baseball for a long time, and he is really enjoying it!  Isaac has Asperger's Syndrome, and he has been working very hard on social skills and emotional regulation for several years.  Social interactions that come naturally to many children have to be practiced over and over again for Isaac.  Frustrations that are minor for some children are a VERY BIG DEAL for Isaac, and he has worked very hard at learning and utilizing tools to control his very big feelings.  This year he is enjoying the benefits of all that hard work, and it is so awesome to watch Isaac succeed and interact successfully with his teammates.  It has been a really great experience for him to be on the team.

Love these kids!
I am so very blessed!


Jolene said...

Great update and I have to tell you that I love Micah with longer hair! I can't believe how well he's filling out (both of them) and so expressive! I just love seeing them thrive with love and patience!

Blessings to you all!

Anonymous said...

What a treat to see Micah becoming more comfortable with new situations! That picture of him and Isaac is hilarious! The blue lips also cracked me up. I bet next year Gideon will want to play too! What a beautiful family you have! God is good!

Judee in Iowa

Anonymous said...

Wondering how Micah is eating these he accepting more kinds of food now? He looks great, as do all the kids!!