Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day at the Beach

 When I envisioned a family photo shoot at the beach, I think I was thinking of a different beach.  One without a steady blast of wind, a constant roar of waves, and a blindingly bright sun.  Our three newest additions were quite overwhelmed with it all, as I'm sure you can see just by looking at them in these photos.  Pretty sure it is the first time seeing the ocean for the three of them.  So much for the perfect family photo, huh?  (What?  Is that the sound of laughing I hear, that I would even imagine capturing the perfect family photo?)  Oh well.  I think these kids are all just about perfect, in every photo!

 This is the only way Micah wanted to experience the beach:  from the safety of his playpen, thank you very much, with his fluttering fingers to keep him company. 

Micah did finally relax a little bit.  I think we were about packed up to leave by the time he finally decided that he was okay.  And then I took him out of his haven and threw him into a panic again.  Aw, sweet boy.  The world is so, so big, isn't it?  And being on a beach really reminds a boy of just how big and wild the world is.

 We live very close to the ocean here in western Washington, so our three big kids have grown up with lots of visits to the beach.  I really did not realize how very big and open and noisy and scary a beach could seem to a child until today.

 Gideon was very subdued the entire time we were at the beach.  I had been imagining him running headlong into the Pacific without a backward glance, giggling with glee, but he did not react at all how I expected.  He barely looked up the entire time we were there, and he never walked.  Just sat in the sand, apparently too intimidated and overwhelmed to even move.  But he did relax enough to play in the sand a little bit.  This boy loves dirt, and once he finally decided that the sand was okay, I think he decided it was sort of fun, too.

 At this point, we had already figured out we were not going to get that frame-it-and-hang-it-on-the-wall family portrait, so we just gathered everyone together, snapped a few shots to remember the occasion by, and gave up.  Look at that wind!  It was intense!

 Blessing did not seem to love the beach, but she did not panic as much as the little boys.  She just wasn't quite sure what to make of it all, I think.  Don't think my girl has felt sand between her toes many times in her life. 


ywilbur said...

hahaha....I saw the title, the picture and then froze thinking um...did their car breakdown on way to church or something? Couldn't figure out why so dressed up for beach. Then boss walked and I had to click away...finally get my answer.

My overwhelming of my newly home son was a trip to the zoo. Should have seen the look of terror and shock on his face when I thrust him up to railing to see his apparent first ever elephant. It spoke of 'Oh my goodness, what sort of horrible alien creature is that! Is it possible it will eat me or I will have to live with it!'

Kelly said...

I LOVE THE FAMILY PICTURE ;)! I remember when the grocery store, or church, or thepark would freak my girls out. 2 years home, and much progress in that area!