Sunday, December 16, 2012

Goodbye, Casts!

Time to take that cast off!  

We returned to Shriners Hospital for a few days for cast removals, some intensive PT, and a pre-surgery appointment for Blessing.  Micah was pretty nervous to be back in that hospital bed:

 Blessing enjoyed playing with the adaptive toys and equipment from the Shriner's school room while she waited:

Isaac kept himself busy with a video game unit 
they brought in for him:
 and Gideon was amazingly calm and patient, as well, while he waited to get his casts off:

 Micah was really horrified by that cast saw.  I think he actually thought we were trying to saw him in half. It was heart-breaking.  But we got through it, and after a few hours, he calmed down enough to realize that he finally had his legs back!  Micah was admitted for three days for x-rays, observation, and lots of PT sessions.  He is still pretty sore and weak, and his muscles are very tight, so we have lots of stretching and PT ahead of us to help him regain his mobility.  Right now he cannot sit up alone, and it is very painful to sit up all the way even with support.  He has minimal head support, and he cringes to bend or straighten his legs.  He will get those skills back, though, and then soon he will be gaining all new skills.  It will just take time and hard work.  He has strong opinions about his PT, too:
 But once we got back home, we finally saw that sunny smile again!  Do you think he is happy to have things getting back to normal?

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Anonymous said...

I know the boys are glad to be cast free and I bet Mom is too!

I recently ordered a product for a child who relies on a wheel chair that holds an ipad in place in front of him. His vision is limited and it needed to be held up close and in a somewhat diagonal position for him to see it well. It is just awesome. I wondered if this might be a beneficial product for Blessing. There is also a version of the product that clamps on a table, etc. to hold electronic learning devices. I can't remember the name of the company but I am sure a search of the net could find it.