Friday, December 28, 2012


Friends, please click here to read a crucial, urgent message.  I had planned to write about the importance of this heart-breaking event in international adoption, but then I decided that Linny over at A Place Called Simplicity said it much better than I ever could.  

So many lives hang in the balance, dear friends.  So very many.  Sixty thousand Russian orphans have been adopted into American families in the past twenty years.  So many more are still waiting.  If you want to see their precious faces, just click here and scroll through the faces of waiting children.  Many of the eastern European children you see featured are in Russia, and they all may very well lose their chance at a family.  The ones with special needs will spend the rest of their lives locked away in institutions if this law passes.  The higher functioning children will be sent out to the streets at the tender age of sixteen, never to know the love of a family.  This is not right!  Are we going to stand by and do nothing?







They are waiting.

Yes, you can do something.  

Tomorrow, Saturday, December 29th.

Fast and pray.  Seriously.  Join believers around the world.  Are you too busy?  Are you too distracted?  Are you too indifferent?  Are you thinking it probably won't make any difference?  Please.  God answers prayer.  

One year ago today, Derek and I were sitting in a little office, right next to this rather strange statue, receiving the files of two beautiful, amazing little boys.  We were embarking on one of the most fantastic adventures of our lives.  Our lives, and their lives, changed forever when we received those files.  

Pray, friends.  So many children are waiting.  

Are we going to just stand by and watch this happen?  
Not on my watch, friends.  
Not on my watch.  

God places the lonely in families.  
Psalm 68:6a

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