Thursday, April 4, 2013


The kids enjoyed attending a very pink pinkalicious party:

Gideon isn't really worried about "girl colors" the way my bigger boys are, and thought making pink wands and stringing pink beads and gluing pink jewels onto crowns sounded like fun, and I thought it sounded like good OT:

Micah was happy to sit back and observe the pink-o-mania:

Gideon used to completely flip out (and flip the crayon box) when in arm's reach of a box of crayons, or beads, or any container with many small pieces in it.  It truly sent him into out-of-control hysteria, which inevitably ended with screaming, ear scratching, and/or head banging, and me scooping him up and whisking him away, where only a half hour of rocking and cuddling and skin brushing with his OT skin brush in a dark room seemed to be able to "reset" him.  I am not sure I understand why containers full of lots of little things are so over-stimulating for Gideon, but seeing him able to handle this party, stay calm, understand what was going on and what was expected of him at each craft station, and truly, calmly enjoying it . . . .oh, wow!  How far he has come!

Blessing modeling her cute crown and wand (made by Gideon!)

And Micah decided to sample the cupcakes!  The only time Micah breaks his self-imposed no-food-un-pureed rule is for cupcakes or Krispy Kremes.  If only I could inspire this level of interest in real food . . . sigh.  


Anonymous said...

Gideon must have spilled containers with small things before, back in the institution or probably baby house (sorry, I forget if he had been transferred before you got him), and was punished for it. At least that would be my guess based on experience.

Anonymous said...

Micah learning to enjoy eating cupcakes but still refusing everything else made me laugh!Maybe if you transitioned to something like bran muffins and then on to plain bread he might start eating other stuff?

rachelleevensen said...

While I love the idea of transitioning to healthier breads type foods, so far he is having none of that! I try every day, though, and I keep hoping to break down his resistance. The boy knows what he likes, and he would rather starve than eat what he doesn't.