Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sunshine and socialization

Had a great day at the park, soaking up some sunshine and making some new friends. I love how kids can meet each other and decide within minutes to be best friends. I love even more how a complete stranger can take the time to come over, introduce herself, and play her guitar for my kids.

Being around people with special needs can make people nervous, but really, all you need to do is smile and say hello!
Look how Micah's face lit up when people took a few minutes to get down on his level.  He had the greatest time!
She even gave Micah and Blessing each a turn to strum her guitar.  They were delighted!

Gideon RUNS!  Running can be a challenge for kids with CP, and I love watching him go!

My sweet girl loves sitting in the sunshine and watching the other kids play

Micah would rather avoid the pea gravel and high energy of the playground, but he likes to watch from the sidelines

Gideon loves to spin!  The faster the better.  And then he gets off and rolls around in the pea gravel.  My sensory boy!

Blessing is rocking her cute new set of wheels, don't you think?


Hope Harder said...

Love the pictures! So sweet of the guitar player to get down on their level.
Blessing is beautiful and looks so cute with her pink hairbows. :)

Calamity Anna said...

Blessing has such a great smile!! Do you mind sharing a bit of her story?

rosedel said...

Blessing is really sitting up straight! Is that the chair or the surgery or PT? Really cool! I love seeing how your kids have grown and progressed.

rachelleevensen said...

More info on Blessing and her story coming soon! I promise to share more when I am able . . . And yes, she is sitting up beautifully these days! This is a combination of new chair with better support, hip surgery, and lots and lots of PT and hard work on her part.