Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Meet Our Son!

And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. 
~Matt, 18:5
We are adopting this sweet little boy! (You may recognize him as "Eddie" on the Reece's Rainbow website.)  He will turn five years old on August 23rd.  He was born with CEREBRAL PALSY. He was placed in an Eastern European orphanage shortly after birth due to his disability, as is very common in his country.

 He was recently transferred from the orphanage to a mental institution, which is where nearly all abandoned children with any sort of disability are placed when they become “too old” for the orphanage.  Unless he is rescued, he would spend the rest of his life locked away in an institution.  

When we first became aware of the desperate need of children with disabilities in Eastern Europe, we were moved to tears.  We had no idea that children were locked away and treated as “defective” simply because they were born different from other children.  Once we knew, we could not pretend to NOT know.  These are God’s cherished children.  These are “the least of these.” 
Gideon’s sweet, hopeful smile drew us to his profile again and again, and this little boy soon filled our dreams and discussions.  We are very eager to kiss his little head and wrap him in our longing arms and to shower him with love and to never let him go.  He has been waiting too long, and we are working as quickly as possible to get him home.  He has two brothers and a sister who are so excited to welcome their new “forever brother” home. 
He is already so very loved. 
Our God is a God of adoption.  He is a God of redemption.  He is a God of love and mercy.  After all, He adopted me.  He chose me.  I was a foreigner.  I was a mess.  I brought my problems into His house.  I was going to be a lot of work.  But He did not leave me there.  No.  He rescued me.  He took on my mess and my past.  He gave me His name and a place in His family, FOREVER.  And since God has chosen ME, chosen to adopt even me, then I choose Gideon. 


Katrina said...

I am so excited for you I have been praying for this little guy for some time now .so happy he has found you and will have brothers and sisters to play with and love.


Stephanie @ Ralphcrew said...

What a fantastic name!! I'm very happy for you and your new son.

Cara said...

oh my word, I am SOOO happy to see he has a family! My husband and I are trying to commit to a RR boy with CP (can't say who yet but hopefully we can soon!) and I've seen Gideon's sweet face and prayed for him on RR for awhile now. I was THRILLED when I went to the My Family Found Me Section and saw him there! So happy for you. Do you mind if I follow your blog to see him come home?

Pam said...

I'm so happy for "Eddie." Thanks so much for choosing him! I prayed for him --- it seemed he was waiting so long, even with a large grant. It must be he was meant for your family. I love the name Gideon too! May God bless you for caring for this precious child of His! I know He will be with you all the way! God Bless!

andrea said...

Hi Rachelle
Thanks for your comment on my blog and for your prayers for "my" Diana.
God has given me a heart for (54) and I have been praying for a family for "Eddie". I am glad to "meet" you and your family and am thrilled to know that soon precious Gideon will be in your arms forever.