Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Room For Everyone

Feeling so blessed to finally have our awesome (or at least awesomely-huge) new (or at least new-to-us) van!  
The view inside our 12-passenger van:  that's Micah's foot
in the lower right corner, since he rides in a rear-facing
seat, and that is sweet Blessing in the left corner.  Not the
clearest picture ever, but you get the idea.  This thing is
like a bus!  It is great to finally have room for everyone,
including Blessing's wheelchair in the back, the stroller, the
diaper bags, the lunch cooler, and also room to separate out
anybody who might happen to not want to be within
touching distance of anybody else (not naming names,
mind you, just saying that sometimes certain brothers
do better if they don't have to look at each other, you know?)

We were not planning on buying another vehicle right now, but since our SUV breathed its last, we found ourselves forced to go vehicle shopping.  And really, this van fits our family so much better!  We are so excited to not have to take 2 vehicles to go places now!  And we've been breaking it in by running all over western Washington to visit all of the specialists that the boys need to see . . . gastroenterology, dental, neurology, urology, cardiology, psychiatry, endocrinology, x-ray, neurosurgery, opthalmology, audiology, nutritionist . . . and a whole bunch of therapy!  Yep, they have pretty full calendars for such small little boys, but we are working our way through the list of appointments, getting some things figured out, and rocking out to a whole lot of VeggieTales Worship Songs in the process!


Sarah said...

Love it!!! Welcome to the big van club! :)

Nealy said...

You and your husband simply amaze me! I love the joyful way you attack all your missions. I love the faith and hope and love that exudes from every fiber of your being. I pray that you never get discouraged, but you are changing lives, and not just under your own roof! Sending you virtual hugs from Plano, TX!

Jennifer said...

That is a very large car! I think I would be afraid to drive it but it certainly fits your family well. Congratulations on having good transportation for your little ones!

lotsofsparks said...

So happy for your family...and for the redemption of two wonderfully beautiful and special boys and their parents and siblings who adore them. They are blossoming with your love and God's grace. May you enjoy a blessed Resurrection Sunday with your beautiful treasures!