Monday, April 16, 2012


If you are unfamiliar with FAS, please spend some time researching this condition.  Just as with Down syndrome, FAS and FAE have a wide variation of effects on each child, both medically, physically, and cognitively.   This is typically dependent on how long during the pregnancy the mother consumed alcohol, and of course, how much.   There is no way to know this ahead of time.
Regrettably, this orphanage is one of the poorer ones, with very little outside aid and very little hope.    All of the children are tiny and undernourished.  These children are immediately transferred at 4.  All of our waiting children need families, but these have a critical need.  Please consider one of these children soon!!

This is Tina.  She is waiting in the same orphanage in which my sons spent their first four years.  I never met her, but I was so very close to her, standing outside of her orphanage.  It breaks my heart to talk to family after family who have been to this orphanage, and to be told that none of the families have ever seen Tina.  She is most likely left in a crib in a back room.  
Very little is known about her.  No mention of personality, ability, medical needs.  Not the most flattering picture ever taken of a little girl, is it?  Think that's why she's been passed over time and time again?  I look at this tiny girl, with her short hair, teary eyes, and bewildered expression, and I pray.  I pray that somebody can see past all of that, and see the treasure that she is.  I pray that her mama and papa are going to see her and know that she is theirs, that they are going to move mountains to get to her and get her out of that crib, out of that place.  I pray that they will be willing to take a tremendous leap of faith for this beautiful child.  Surely they must be out there somewhere.  Somebody who will love this little girl unconditionally.  
Imagine little Tina with pigtails and a huge grin that lights up her eyes.  Can you see it?  I can.  I know that it is not too late for Tina.  She could be a daughter to cherish and adore.  She could be giggling and hugging baby dolls, fingerpainting and having books read to her.  She could be just the little girl that somebody has been longing for.  She is created in the image of our Lord, and she was created for so much more than sitting in a crib.  Somebody, please, consider Tina.  Look at her photo again.  Look at her as Jesus looks at her.  See her.  She is a precious gem.  
When I first saw Micah's photo
and read his very long, very intimidating list of diagnoses, I felt overwhelmed.  I WANTED to be his mama, but how could I ever care for a child with such a long list of needs?  I didn't think I could do it.  But the Lord kept nudging at my heart, nudging little Micah into my heart more and more, until I could no longer imagine him as anybody except my son.  And the Lord's plan was perfect.  When I look at my son, I no longer see his medical issues and his special needs.  I see a giggling, bright-eyed little boy who does a whole-body happy dance every time I walk into the room, a boy who is learning to trust me more and more every day, 
a boy who is already doing more than 
the doctors told me he would EVER do.  
His medical needs are very real, and yes, we do go to a lot of appointments, and we do a lot of therapy.  And Micah is so, SO worth it!  He is fascinating and challenging.  He can still get so very scared and overwhelmed by life.  But more and more, each day, he is opening up to the world.  Opening up to me.  He is leaning into me instead of pushing me away.  He is reaching out for toys instead of shoving them away.  He is coming alive, before my very eyes, and I am so filled with joy to be a part of his story.  I remember at the passport office, the ladies who took Micah's picture shaking their heads and frowning at the thrashing, squalling, emaciated boy with the huge head, and asking our facilitator, "What are they going to do with a child like this?"  Well, here is what we are doing.  
We are loving him.  And teaching him.  And learning from him.  And delighting in him.  And feeling so very truly blessed to be his family. 

I am praying that somebody will look at sweet Tina 
and choose her.
That they will take a leap of faith.
That somebody will open their hearts to this waiting child,
and open their lives to an unimaginable wealth of blessings.


Anonymous said...

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Laura said...

Thank you for blogging about Tina. When we saw Seth and knew he was ours, Tina was our #2. She is on my mind a lot because she's still there and I never hear about her. She looks so sad. :(

Tidepool said...

Did you meet "Harding" by any chance? I L-O-V-E him and have been very slowly adding to his grant.