Wednesday, August 17, 2011

They arrived!

And to think I was worried! 
Our passports arrived in plenty of time!  
Thank you, Lord!
One less thing to fret about.

And as far as Gideon's new room goes,
check out our progress:
I just have to say, this was used as a storage room.  
No, the rest of our house is not total chaos . . . just 
this one room.
This room has been my saving grace for four years.  When I don't know where else to put something, I shove it in this room.  When I don't want the kids to get into something, I stow it in this room.  When I want it out of the way and probably should just get rid of it but haven't decided yet . . . yeah, you guessed it . . . into the room.
So here's the same room 
after a major mucking-out session:  

(And we also finished a new storage closet under the stairs to move a lot of that stuff into, and so far, it looks MUCH TIDIER than the above picture!  So calming to have everything neat and organized, isn't it?)
Anyway, above is Derek, getting ready to install the window for his son's new bedroom.

And now the window is in!  
No broken glass, no broken bones . . . I don't know how 
he does it, but Derek is amazing!  

The picture below was the view outside Gideon's new bedroom this afternoon (that is Derek perched on a rickety old ladder outside a very tall second-story window ((shudder)) and he is now safely down, so I am now breathing normally again)

But normally this will be what Gideon sees when 
he looks outside.   Our berry garden:

And when he looks off to the left, the pasture with the chickens and goats wandering around.  
I sure love our pretty little farm.  
So peaceful and private.  
And I think Gideon is getting the best view in the house!  
I hope he likes it.

Now we will move on to taping and mudding, 
so I can get to the really fun part:  the painting and decorating!

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Karen said...

It is beautiful! Well done!

How exciting for a little boy to grow up on a little farm with a berry garden, chickens and goats!

Love the view! :)