Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Add this to the to-do list

Any guesses what this:
and this:

and this:

have to do with Gideon?

We are getting his bedroom ready!

Goodbye, messy old storage room,
hello, cute little boy's room!

The last few days, we've been moving out huge stacks of junk valuable belongings too dear to part with.  This is the room we heaped stuff into when we moved in nearly four years ago.  You know, all that stuff that you don't know where else to put it?  That stuff.  Now where to put it?  That's a whole other post entirely!  But the room is looking bigger and bigger, and way less scary, and hopefully today we can get the last of the stuff out of there.  

This weekend we are planning on hacking a giant hole in the side of our house and installing a window in the room.  
Did I mention that neither Derek nor I have any idea how to actually go about installing a window where there was not one before?  We can replace windows, sure, but this is going to be a whole different adventure!  

And it's an upstairs bedroom, so there is going to be a really big ladder involved.  Gulp.  I don't do big ladders.  I don't like to watch Derek do big ladders.  I hyperventilate at the thought of big ladders.  I might need to leave for awhile when this part happens.

But we talked round and round about where to put Gideon, and we decided that, not knowing this little dumpling or what he is like, we have no idea if he will be a good fit to share a room with our other boys.  And after all, we do have a six bedroom house.  No need to all crowd in together.  Except the bedroom we want to put him in is nowhere near finished.  

So just in case the busyness of homestudy paperwork, dossier paperwork, fundraising, homeschooling, running the farm, and keeping this huge house clean and functioning wasn't enough, we are now going to be finishing a bedroom, as well!  

So here's our new to-do list 
(to be added to the top of our existing 
lengthy to-do list, of course):
Install a window
Install flooring
Install trim
and then my favorite part:
(I love decorating!)

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The Road is Long said...

I love it!! I actually hate decorating. Which is why I have to go this weekend and find some posters or something to go around Mateo's bed so that when I take the pictures of the room he'll share with Quinn.. there's at least more than bare walls! I did get him Little Tikes twin race car bed so he'll have a pretty cool bed when he gets here. Unless I can't pry Quinn out of it. He sleeps in it nearly every night right now. "Breaking it in" for his new brother. lol