Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Happy Birthday, Gracie!

Gracie turned three yesterday!

We celebrated her birthday 
at a lovely little park by the lake.
She specifically requested party games, which I admit, I've not always been good at, so this year, 
we played party games!  
I think the kids had fun:
beanbag toss

tossing beanbags

the race to squeeze "strawberry juice"

my very competitive little sisters racing each other!

racing with a strawberry balanced on a spoon

my sweet little niece, Zoey

We enjoyed cupcakes:

Opened gifts:

Daddy brought Gracie roses:

We ate strawberries:

And then the kids played in the lake:

It was a beautiful day for my beautiful girl!
A week ago at this time, we were not sure if she would be discharged from the hospital in time for her birthday, and now look at her!  Our God is a healing God!

Hard to believe this little cupcake has been alive for three years.  It seems like she was just born yesterday.  
And at the same time, it's hard to remember 
a time without my lovely girl!
Funny, huh?

Of course, as with every other fun thing we do lately, it was a bittersweet happiness.  I am so overjoyed to see my children enjoying this lovely summer, and I also feel an ache in my heart because somebody very precious to me is missing.  I wish Gideon were here today.  I wish I could be planning his birthday party.  I wish he could splash in the lake, and eat a cupcake, and roll down a grassy hill.  I wish I could hug him and kiss his little cheeks and tickle his tummy.  

I am praying that by this time next year, we will preparing for a special birthday party for a very special little boy:

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The Road is Long said...

Gosh I sooo know that feeling. Happy Birthday Gracie.. (belated of course) Your Gideon will be there with you friend, sooner than you can imagine. (I keep telling myself this about my Mateo too) Soon we'll be on the "already home" page and have tons of pics and stories to share!!