Saturday, October 29, 2011

Costume Party

Isaac's Cub Scout pack had a Harvest Party, and the kids all dressed up:
Isaac was SO EXCITED to win the Scout's Choice Award for his costume!
He found the cheeseburger at a thrift store and then he worked so hard to figure out
how to make a root beer hat and french fry shoes.
Oh, and it wouldn't be complete without ketchup and mustard!
Silly boy!

Josiah dug through our dress-up bin to come up with this winning look:
monkey jacket, frog feet, tie, and sunglasses.  Makes total sense, right?

And Gracie?  She's been going back and forth for the last month between princess and pink kitty cat.
So what's this?  All of a sudden she was a duck.  And there was no changing her mind.
Never mind the pink kitty ears and tail mommy made!
Never mind the swishy pink gown and tiara.
She found this duck outfit at the bottom of the dress-up bin.
I don't think the kids have even tried this outfit on in a couple of years.
It's always just sort of forgotten.
But today Gracie discovered the duck!
She loves the duck.
If it's a duck she wants to be, then a duck she shall be!
She's quacking in the picture (of course!)

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