Friday, October 21, 2011

This little guy has been on my heart for awhile now.  
Look at his little face!  
How sweet, right?  

No, this is not my Gideon, although I have to say he does look a lot like my boy!  This is Igor.  Igor is waiting in eastern Europe, in Gideon's country.  Waiting in an institution.  Yep, he's already been transferred.  Just like my Gideon.  But unlike Gideon, he's still waiting.  Waiting to be chosen.  Waiting to be discovered, scooped up, and smothered in kisses.  Waiting for much-needed therapy and surgeries.  Waiting for a chance to show what he is capable of.  Waiting for a chance to shine.  Waiting for somebody to love him.  Just as he is.  

From his Reece's Rainbow profile:

BOY, Born November 26, 2004
This handsome young man is another of a growing number of children who were born with arthrogryposis. 
His hands seem to be unaffected, but he is unable to walk at this time.  He is described as very loving and affectionate and friendly! 
Igor is facing the institution and will remain bedridden for the rest of his life…he needs a family like you!

Donations will be accepted for this child when further information is received.

 Igor looks like such a spunky, bright little guy.  Can you imagine him bedridden?  For the rest of his life?  He is about to turn seven years old.  He ought to be in first grade.  He ought to be the light of some mommy and daddy's life.  He ought to be free to blossom and grow.  

Many of you are probably already familiar with, the awesome adoption blog of the Nalle family.  If you haven't discovered their blog yet, I encourage you to visit!  Their adorable little boy, Aaron, also has arthrogryposis, and he was adopted from the same country last year.  So as you look at little Igor, almost seven years old and waiting for his mommy and daddy to find him, I encourage you to consider Aaron, the shining precious jewel that the Nalle family has been blessed with.  Just imagine Igor.  How he could shine with the love of a family.  How mightily a family could be blessed by adopting this little boy.  

Almost seven years old.  Too old?  I don't think so!  Igor is very loving!  He is affectionate and friendly.  And he is so precious.  Donations cannot be made to his fund yet.  This is because not enough information has been received about him yet.  And with no grant fund, I worry that he will be that much more likely to be overlooked.  But it is certainly possible for a family to inquire about him.  He needs a family.  He has already been waiting for so long.

I wonder about Igor.  Would he be a cuddle-bug, or a busy explorer?  Would he love music, or art, or telling knock-knock jokes?  Can you imagine him in Cub Scouts, or singing praise songs at church every Sunday?  Would he love animals?  Or cars?  Or dinosaurs?  Would he love to listen to the same story again and again?  Nobody knows.  And that is the thing.  Nobody knows who this little guy was created to be.  He is waiting, patiently waiting, for somebody to come and find out. He is a treasure, waiting to be discovered.  I am praying for the family lucky enough to be his.  


Pam said...

Thanks for writing about Igor! I was sad to see he had been transferred. I pray his turn to go home to the family he so much deserves comes soon!

Tink said...

He is one that is overlooked, I am ashamed to say I have overlooked him. But now you have written of him, i will no longer overlook him.