Thursday, March 29, 2012

Five Times Three

I am the mom of three five-year-old boys!
Happy Birthday, Josiah!
Josiah, my sweet little lovebug, really loves his new brothers.  He is very gentle and patient with them, and he is so happy that they are finally home!  For awhile he started to really doubt that the new brothers would ever come home, or that they were even real.  I remember the night that he told me, when our adoption process was dragging on and on, months longer than we expected it to, "I don't think there really IS a Gideon and Micah, Mom.  They're never coming home, are they?"  At the airport Josiah was just giddy with excitement to finally meet the brothers!  I will never forget seeing him, jumping up and down and waving, a huge grin on his face as he spotted his new brothers for the first time.

He loves to give them English lessons, bringing them objects and telling them what things are called.  When Gideon gets into Josiah's room and dumps out bins of toys, Josiah says, "It's okay, Mom, I'll clean it up for him."  When the new brothers take their naps Josiah waits anxiously for them to wake up so he can play with them again.  When Micah is crying Josiah is right there, offering sippy cups, toys, and peek-a-boo to try to coax a smile out of the brother.  When Gideon falls down Josiah says, "Good walking, Gideon.  You can do it."  Makes this mama's heart sing to see my three five-year-old boys loving to spend their days together.  

This dear boy has a heart of gold.  
I am so, so blessed to be his mom!


nicole said...

your boys are so hubby says 3 ..5yr old boys shes sucker for punishment eh??we love your blog..

Pam said...

Josiah is such a sweet brother!

Nealy said...

Happy Birthday, Josiah! You are a BLESSING to your family!!

Jolene said...

What a sweet, sweet, special boy. HE really is a hero!

Christine said...

Wow-- 3 five year olds! How fun!