Monday, March 5, 2012

Last Visit

This was the last time I will ever be visiting my sons in an institution.  The next time I see them I will be taking them out of the institution and heading home with them!  We will say "Paka Paka" to the nannies  (that's bye-bye) and we will start off on a new, exciting chapter of life!
The next time I walk out these doors, I plan on having my arms
full of little boys!

Walking down the path through the grounds of the institution,
packing a backpack full of toys and snacks for our hour-long visit

the building where my sons live

we wait in this visiting room for around 20 minutes usually
while the boys are dressed and brought out to us

they keep the facility very clean and tidy

I will not miss these things!  Gideon cannot understand why
they are not toys for him to disassemble!

I wait breathlessly for this moment each day:  Gideon kicks his
legs and whoops with glee as he is wheeled into the visiting
room.  As soon as the chair slows down, he launches himself
out of it and into my arms!  

Micah is so sweet and happy to see
Mama and Grandma each morning

sharing a laugh with Grandma

every morning Gideon looks for his juice and
snack cup first thing!

but Micah will not even think about drinking out of his sippy
cup, and when I offered him this bottle . . . 

he just laughed at me and pushed it away.  He won't even
try to take a sip of water from me so far.  He thinks it is a
big joke, but I am pretty worried.  Please pray that
we can keep him hydrated while we travel!

In the hallway there is some wonderful artwork on display, done
by the children who live here.


Eight Is Great said...

Rachelle I am so beyond happy for you and your boys! Seeing those pictures shows what love can do. I remember that visiting room so well. Please tell the director that Reagan (Veka to them) is continuing to do well.

Amber said...

Can Micah drink out of a regular cup? It seems like the institutionalized kids go straight from a bottle to a cup.

Katie said...

I'll be keeping you and your boys in my prayers as you travel!