Tuesday, March 6, 2012

More Shopping in the Village

So my mom and I ventured into a store today.  It had dragons on the windows outside, and sure enough, inside were shelves and shelves of dragon knick-knacks.  We almost turned around and left, but then we noticed that around the corner, the merchandise changed drastically.  We saw this:

 It was a baby supply store!  All sorts of lovely clothing, accessories, baby care items, and furniture.  Wish I could lug one of these onto the plane with me.  (Yeah, I know, I don't actually have a baby, but they are just so pretty!)
Then we ventured a little further into the store, and baby supply morphed into furniture store.  Very  . . . unique . . .  furniture, don't you think?

Then we noticed people walking up and down a stairway off to the side.  We checked upstairs.  First we saw men's clothing of all sorts, crammed into a small space.  But then on the other side of the stairway we discovered this paradise:

And on our way back downstairs, we noticed yet another area.  Could it be?  Why yes it is!  It's a toy store to rival any I've seen in Washington!  How could I have been in this village all these weeks and not have known about this before?

Probably a good thing I did not find it any sooner, actually!  Then we looked out the window from the toy store and saw a bunch of tombstones on display.  Huh.  Well, look at that.  They sell just about everything in this dragon store, don't they?


Holly said...

I love all the baby stuff! How random huh?

Nikki said...

Hehe, too funny!

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