Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sunday in the Village

We looked out the window this morning, wondering if there
was anything going on out there on such a snowy Sunday
morning, and saw that the street below us was already bustling!

So after a hearty breakfast . . . 

We decided to go explore the street market.

These vendors are out here every morning, in all weather,
working their little booths.  You really have to admire them!

You just have to love the optimism of the person who hung
their laundry out to dry on a day like this!

these little street kiosks are all over the village, selling magazines
and candy bars and cigarettes and all sorts of trinkets

Today is my last full day in this village.  I am going to miss it, I think, but I sure am ready to get my boys home, too!  It's been quite an interesting adventure!

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