Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dear Micah!

On July 11th, we celebrated Micah's sixth birthday, which was also his very first birthday!  This blog post is a bit late, since I'm still fighting with my computer, but better late than never, here it is! 
Micah sees food coming and he is cautiously interested
the tray of cupcakes

Micah looks pretty certain he is not going to approve

he sniffs the cupcake

he taps the cupcake against his forehead a couple of times

he decides he has no use for the cupcake . . .


his look of disgust and horror . . .

Mom, get it off of me!

Can we be done here?

present time!

Micah surprised us all by actually showing interest in Isaac's gift

shoelaces!  Isaac was so excited to give these to Micah!  this boy loves strings!

Josiah is a little out of focus, but I love that sweet big brother face!

trying out his new chair

pondering the scooter board

definitely approving of the beanbag chair!

I love this shirt!  I think Micah does, too!

the box makes a great toy, too!  (Gideon is still at the table working on his cupcake, throughout this whole present-opening event, in case you were wondering about his absence, and Blessing is having her dinner via g-tube in her chair)

loving those shoelaces!  great idea, Isaac!

sweet birthday boy!
Last year at this time, Micah was heavy on my heart.  At that point he was just a little boy in a mental institution.  A little boy that I had only seen in a couple of photos.  A little boy that I thought I would never get to meet.  Derek and I were still unsure, and not in agreement, about adopting a second child in addition to Gideon.  We had been approved to adopt two children.  We had room for two children.  My heart longed to bring home two children.  But we were still in the midst of praying and researching and waiting on the Lord for an answer.  So last year, when Micah's birthday arrived, I felt such a deep longing and heaviness my heart, thinking that this dear, lost little boy would never know the excitement of cupcakes and balloons and a stack of gifts to open and a crowd of adoring family gathered around, singing to him and cheering him on, celebrating him on his own special day.  

And as you know, God has worked mightily in this last year!  Micah is no longer an orphan in a laying down room, waiting to die in a mental institution.  He is my silly, giggly, stubborn, beloved son.  He is an adorable, busy, exasperating little brother.  He is our precious, amazing little miracle, and we are so, so blessed to be celebrating his very first birthday here, with him lighting up our lives and filling a place in our family that only he could fill. 

Happy sixth birthday, my tiny little boy!  
Mommy loves you so very, very much!

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Jolene said...

~*Happy Birthday*~ Dear Micah! May your year be blessed with many more firsts to share with joy with your family!

(On a side note for you, Rachelle, the fuzzy hair syndrome/baldness Mr. Micah is sporting...have you considered using a satin pillow case for bed time, car seat, stroller etc? I got one for my son at Kmart for like $4! Cut down on the frizz and balding like crazy! I know he's still regrowing his hair but this might help out!)

Blessings to your family!