Monday, August 13, 2012

The Unfortunate Haircut

Not exactly adoption-related, since Gideon was only watching and giggling, and had the good sense to remain uninvolved, but Josiah found some scissors and decided to give his little sister her first haircut.  sigh.  I was not planning on cutting Gracie's hair quite yet.  She suddenly looks so much . . . older.  

Little Gracie before the haircut, with baby-soft hair trailing half-way down her back:

Gracie's unique multi-length "layered" look, courtesy of a big brother who really should have known better . . . I'm just glad we caught him when we did.  Who knows how much more he would have chopped?  It could have been much worse, I know:

 After a trip to the beauty parlor, Gracie is sporting this cute big-girl look:

Not really a huge change, I know, but my baby is just growing up before my very eyes!  It's just taking me some time to adjust to her being a big girl, I guess.  But long hair, short hair, or bald, my Gracie is beautiful, full of sweetness and grace and sugar and spice. 

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merissayusko said...

Oh dear! Last fall my then-3-year-old chopped off her own hair. She went from mid-back to chin!! And not evenly. It was awful! And now that it's finally grown back in to a nice length, she wants a haircut "like her brother'S" which is only slightly longer than a buzz. I should probably lock up the scissors!!