Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How He Loves Us

Oh, how He loves us!

I'm sitting up with my sweet Blessing right now, late at night, watching worship videos on YouTube, because Blessing needs to stay up until midnight tonight.  She has an EEG tomorrow, and that requires her to be sleep-deprived in advance (to ensure a good nap during the test.)  I will have to wake her at 4 am, also.  She's NOT going to love that, let me tell you!  My girl likes to sleep.  (Me, too, for that matter!)

Oh, but she is such a beautiful girl, so cuddly and happy to get to stay up late with mom.  Her eyes light up and she laughs and smiles and grabs at my arm when each worship song starts.  She is not able to talk or to sing, but oh, my Blessing loves to worship the Lord!  I think this song is one of her favorites.  She is such a blessing to me, this lovely little girl.


Jed and Kimber said...

I love seeing more of Blessing and hearing more about her. She is beautiful and I love her smile. Thanks for sharing her :)

Anonymous said...

I've been following your blog via RR and love to hear about your boys. We are looking at all the adoption options right now and I was wondering - did you adopt Blessing domestically?