Saturday, August 4, 2012

Mom and Me Camping Trip

Isaac has been wanting to do a "Mom and Me" camping trip (since I was in Ukraine during the actual Cub Scout Mom and Me trip, you see).  But since we are heavily and intensely bonding with the newest additions to the family, the trip became a Mom and Me and Two Extra Siblings Camping Trip (Micah was relieved to be allowed to stay home to do some bonding with Daddy).  It actually went quite well, and Isaac seemed to enjoy having these two along for company.  Isaac gets along great with his non-verbal siblings.  Nobody to bicker and argue with this way.  :)  So we loaded up the van and set out.  Only problem was, it never stopped raining the entire time we were there.  That was definitely not a part of the plan!  But they don't seem to mind, do they?

 With the help of Isaac's Cub Scout fire starting skills, we even managed to get (and keep) a campfire going long enough to cook some hot dogs and marshmallows!
 My pitiful attempts to keep us dry . . . would you believe it took me two full hours of standing in the rain to set that up?  But then, that's with "help" . . .

 Gideon and Blessing slept beautifully in the tent, and even though we all woke up in a puddle of rain water (seriously, we were soaked and soggy!) the kids seemed delighted with the whole adventure!

 We camped right next to the lake.  
I had packed sunscreen.  Ha!  Silly me!

 Gideon and Blessing hung out in the van to avoid the downpour while Isaac and I broke camp.  Which basically meant pulling the tent poles out of the tent, then balling the whole wet, miserable mess up into a heap in the back of the van and driving away.  Then we went out for pizza.  Yep.  Mom and Me Camping Trip.  Next time I'm going to check the weather report first!


Jolene said...

Nope, that was NOT a failure by any means! That's what makes things memorable! The rain, bugs, critters, more rain, and in the midst of it all they had a blast! Yup, good memory making, Mama! You did well!

Anonymous said...

Does Blessing have any means of communicating her wants and needs? :(

Jolene said...

What a fantastic Mommy you are! THAT is what they will always remember!!!