Monday, January 9, 2012

The Food and Other Mundane Details

First, our darling Micah's baby picture:
and Gideon's sweet baby picture:
So many parents do not get baby pictures of their adopted children, and we will treasure these glimpses into our sons' past.  We are trying to remember as much as we can so we can tell the boys about their birth country's culture as they grow up.  We want them to know.

Now on to the mundane details of daily life as we wait.  You may be thinking that we are enjoying exotic local cuisine and expanding our palates at each and every meal here.  Well, if so, I hate to disappoint you, but we are really not finding anything amazing or adventurous to rave about at mealtimes.  Here is a typical breakfast for us (thanks to our water kettle . . . before we bought that it was usually just yogurt):
And at lunchtime, it is usually sandwiches and juice.  We are both getting tired of PBJ.  Derek's favorite is swiss cheese and corned beef on rye.  And we were happy to find some mustard in a fancy, upscale food market before we left the big city, so that really helps to liven up the sandwiches!  The juice here is very good!
For dinner, we usually order a pizza.  We have not found any other restaurants or places to eat in the village (well, except for the meat pies from the deli counter inside the market, but that really doesn't count!)  The pizza is wonderful!  We usually eat at the snack bar in the hotel lobby.  The lady there has come to expect us most evenings.  We stumble our way through ordering, in (probably very bad) Russian, a pizza, a pot of green tea, and a cup of coffee.  And this is what she brings us:
It is fabulous!  And all for less than four dollars!  Can't really beat that, so we keep coming back, night after night.  I have to say though, 15 days into this adventure, that I am really, REALLY craving vegetables!  A big bowl of steamed broccoli perhaps, or a great big green salad.  But since there are no vegetables to be found, at least none that are safely cooked, we finish the day with treats like this instead:
That is a tube of chocolate ice cream on the right, which is a little tricky to open once the ice cream is partially melted, but it is quite delicious.  If you know Derek, you probably know that he has quite a sweet tooth, so he loves that these bags of toffees and candies are about a dollar each.  
And the bottles of water cost us about a dollar, which is not bad.  We drink it, we brush our teeth with it, and we wash dishes in it.  We go through a lot of water.  

The money is colorful.  I love that the bills get larger as the denominations go higher.  A 200 note is much larger than a 1.  200 pays one night's stay in the hotel (equal to $25).  
My nine-year-old, Isaac, will be interested in the European electrical outlets:
and the light switches:
And we are rejoicing that our very long weekend is nearly over and we get to go see the boys in the morning. The highlight of our day today was this:
We finally found a place to wash some laundry!  Now it is spread all over our room, drying.  We seriously did not travel to the other side of the world to eat pizza and do laundry, though.  This has been a whole lot of sitting around doing nothing this weekend.  We are SO READY to go see our boys again, and ready to get this adoption finished and to get all of our babies home together, where they belong!  


Stephanie @ Ralphcrew said...

Micah's baby photo makes me want to cry. Thank God you are there for him now.

Holly said...

I love love love that you are getting out and seeing things and eating their food. So many people go over there and are just not adventurous at all! I love that you and Derek are!!

Desert Lily said...

I am so happy for your new boys coming into your family. And what fun to read about the mundane details!

Mama said...

Oh, I used one of those drying racks when we adopted last year! They are awesome!! I know....I am easily amused. :) I hope the process seems to quicken for you guys so you can get your boys home!

Jill said...

Your food looks a lot like ours did this past summer! Our city didn't have much for restaurants, although it did have a nice modern supermarket! I was curious if you were staying in the village or if you had to taxi it back and forth each day. SOOO happy for you that you get to stay right in town and save a ton of money! Your hotel looks wonderful! And please do try to find someone to come back with you. I was SOOO happy I had someone with me when I brought Elijah home. I did it by myself with Baby J, but he wasn't mobile. LOL

I just can't get over how great Gideon looks!!! It continues to blow my mind how different he and Elijah were treated by the very same nannies. :-( It appears that dreaded word "TRANSFERRED" was actually a good thing for him.

Oh, has Derek tried the Milka chocolate yet?? The kind with almonds is THE best! LOL

Leanne said...

First time to comment on your blog - such a wonderful surprise you're adopting Micah as well - been praying for him to find a family for quite a while... His baby picture, while so precious, makes me mad as well, knowing that with quality medical care, he would not have been in the 'condition he is in today'. (Was he born prematurely? It doesn't look like his hydro was congenital.) My 6 year old has hydrocephalus (caused my a brain bleed around the time she was born - really early), but was blessed enough to be born here (US) and receive top notch medical care. She's a developmentally normal, happy and intelligent little girl, with 'just' a special device in her head (shunt) and occasional surgeries. Let me know if you ever have any q's about hydro/shunts/etc. and know I am praying for you and your boys!

Laura said...

This all looks very familiar. Breakfast, lunch, even dinner. Pizza almost every night until I just couldn't stand it any more. :) And yes, they came to know us too. We'd pantamime our way through the order. Glad you're having fun on your down time. You will remember this trip for the rest of your life. Might as well experience it completely.

Mel said...

Hi Rachelle!! I just got all caught up this morning on your trip! Makes me a little "homesick" for UA. I know you are thinking I'm nuts but I do miss it!! I would SO love to go back. At the time it wasn't so great, boredom, homesickness, missing my kids, etc. I ventured out though, and was adventurous too, and that made it SO much better!! I also had another family to fellowship with, and that was a big blessing!! We stayed in a hotel when we first got to our region, so your meals look very familiar! Hang in there, it will be worth it in the end!! The boys look to be pretty well cared for, that is a wonderful thing in itself! Praying for you guys & and your kiddos at home!! :)