Friday, January 20, 2012

Snow Day

We don't get a lot of snow here in western Washington.  So when the kids woke up to a white wonderland outside, they didn't even take time to get out of their jammies or eat breakfast before they were scrambling for their hats and mittens!  They were convinced it was going to melt any second.  (It has been known to happen.)  Little did they know that this time the white stuff was going to stick around for four days!  But here they are, still sleepy-eyed and in awe like it's Christmas morning all over again.

Molly, staring intently at the snowball in my hand (hey, it's the
only way to get her still enough to be anything other than a blur!)

Snowball fight!

I think Josiah is ticked off that I declared my camera (and
of course, by extension, myself) a snowball-free zone

Gracie modeling her bed-head and pajamas

After breakfast, Derek helped the kids make a snow fort

Josiah wants to live in the fort!

So you might be wondering what's so interesting about this picture.  It's just a coat, right?  There's no cute little kid to admire.  Well, that's what I'm thinking, too.  Needs a little boy, doesn't it?  This little coat represents one of the two little boys missing from our snow day.  Can hardly wait to zip my little boys up into their cozy new coats that I just bought for them.  To tug mittens onto their tiny hands and to kiss their noses as I adjust their hats.  (And to see them in something other than those purple and hot pink coats that the nannies like to dress them in!)  

I wonder if Gideon and Micah are going to like the snow.  I suspect that Micah will need some time to get used to the idea.  I can't imagine Gideon not loving it.  So far he seems to love everything!  My little scientist launches himself into every new experience at full speed, ready to investigate and explore and figure out, ready to experience everything that he's been missing for these five long years.  Yeah, I think he's going to love the snow!


Holly said...

I think they are going to adorable the snow! Especially Gideon.

How are you guys holding up with the snow? We got beat down on hard! Then the ice storm. Now the wind! It's not funny anymore!! LOL

Sarah said...

Thanks for the picture of his coat! :)