Friday, January 27, 2012

My Valentines

This year for Valentines Day, Derek is taking me to Europe and getting me two of the most precious valentines you could ever imagine:

That's right!  We have a court date:  February 14th!  Honestly, Valentine's has always been one of those "okay, whatever" sort of holidays for me.  I make my kids heart shaped pizza and heart shaped cookies, maybe I help them make valentine cards to hand out, if I find time, and other than that I really don't get too excited about it.  

Well, all of that is about to change!  Valentine's Day will always and forever mean so much more to me now.  Lord willing, Derek and I will be named the parents of two beautiful, worthy little boys on this day.  How amazing is that?  God loves these boys so much that He has orchestrated their adoption to take place on the day of love!

We are praying for the funding to come together for these extra trips back and forth.  We had budgeted for three round trip airline tickets:  two for Derek and me the first trip, and then one more for my second trip to go pick up the boys and bring them home.  Now, because of the long delay between meeting the boys and court, we had to go home, which is adding another two round trip tickets to our tab.  After court Derek and I will both need to go straight back home afterward.  We have work and childcare issues that just can't have us being gone any longer than a week on this trip.  So then I will wait at home for the 10 day waiting period, and when the adoption decree is finalized, I will fly back over a third time to get the boys.  

And because of the boys' extensive needs, I am going to need to take my mom over with me on that third trip so I can get both the boys home safely.  Add another airline ticket to the tab.  Plus my mom's passport, which we've had to expedite to make sure it gets here in time.  I am so thankful that my mom is willing to drop everything for her new grandsons, yet again, and cross the ocean with me to help me with what will probably be a not-very-fun series of appointments, hotel stays, train and plane rides with two very bewildered, overwhelmed, overstimulated boys, one of whom is medically fragile and cannot tolerate much human touch, the other one just wants to bounce and explore and run and run and never stop running.  It's going to be an adventure, that's for sure!  

So right now we are praying for child care to come together for our kids back home during my third trip when my mom will be traveling with me and Derek will need to go to work during the days.  We are praying for funding to come together to cover the three additional airline tickets we had not anticipated.  We are praying for no delays and no problems with court.  We are praying for a favorable ruling from a judge in a village that has never had an international adoption before.  We are praying that our boys are safe and healthy while we have to be apart from them, and we are praying that somebody is explaining to them what is happening in their lives, and that they know we are coming back for them.  We are praying that very very soon our whole family will be finally together!


Holly said...

I think that is the BEST Valentine's Gift EVER!! Prayers headed your way for all of that and then some!!!

Christine said...

Oh perfect! I can't imagine a better Valentine!

Jill said...

What a great Valentine's Day gift! Praying with you!!! :-)

Sarah said...

Praying with you!!! What an awesome day to have court! :)

Sherry White said...

So glad you got your date! And what a date you got! :) Agreeing with you in prayer for all your needs, and especially for the boys as the waiting years become weeks, then days.

Jolene said...

Definitely the perfect date! I'm so very happy for you, and I am praying for you that the Lord will provide all of your needs. Looking forward to meeting you soon!