Sunday, January 15, 2012

Visit Number Five

Visit number five:
Both of the boys chose Papa first today.  Papa was playing peek-a-boo
with them, and they thought it was pretty funny!  (I know, Gideon is not
smiling in the picture, but one of these days I am going to catch a picture
of just how cute his sunshiny smile is!)

Think Micah is starting to trust his new Papa?

My big boy can drink out of a cup!

Micah kept throwing his cup away, and Gideon kept returning
it to him.  He seemed so concerned that Micah wasn't drinking
his water . . . my sweet compassionate Gideon!

Micah sitting up and scratching one of the many
scabs on his head.  They definitely seem to be getting
better, but we still have no idea what caused them.

Gideon is definitely getting more comfortable plopping down
on our laps to play.  Here he is going through the backpack,
trying to find something new to play with.

When the boys are still and cuddly, we try out our Russian
phrases.  "I am your mama.  I love you.  You are so smart.
You are so handsome.  My dearest.  My sunshine.  My son."
Do you think he is listening?  Do you think he understands
yet, that his life is about to change?  We are praying that the
nannies will continue to explain to them who we are and what
is about to happen.  We are praying that the Lord prepares
their hearts for the huge changes about to happen.


Holly said...

Great pictures as normal!!!

thefisherlady said...

blessings to you and your little family... your growing family!