Sunday, July 24, 2011


(Warning:  extreme use of enthusiastic punctuation marks to follow!)

Guess who has a mommy and daddy?
Two of my absolute favorite little boys in the world! 
That's who! 
This little boy:
and this little boy:
are going to be home where they belong in a few months!  
This news has absolutely MADE MY DAY!
Shane and Oleg have a family!
I have been so in love with these two since the first time I saw their pictures, and my heart has been hurting at the thought of their bleak future.  And I was beginning to despair.  August is just a week away!  Oleg was a week away from losing his grant.  And remind me again why I was doubting?  God has not forgotten Shane and Oleg!  He has a great plan for them!!!
And the fact that they are going to be brothers?
I am SO HAPPY!!!
Because I have known since I first saw them
that they were meant to be brothers.
And they are going to live in Idaho with a wonderful mommy and daddy who are already working so hard to get them home.  
Congratulations, Christensen family!
I am rejoicing with you at this announcement, and I am praying for a smooth, quick adoption process for your family!

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