Sunday, July 3, 2011

God sets the lonely in families . . .

A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling. 
God sets the lonely in families, He leads forth the prisoners with singing ~Psalm 68:5-6

There are so many children waiting for mommies and daddies to find them.  Waiting for the Lord to place them in families.  I wish I could just charter an airplane and bring about thirty of them home with me!  Can’t you just picture it? 

But I want to share with you today one sweet little one who has been found.  This is Pauline. 

She is four and a half years old.  I have looked at her photo many times, and prayed over this beauty. 
And honestly, when I first read her Reece’s Rainbow listing, I wondered if she would ever be able to be adopted.  Why?  Because of this:
This is Pauline W.
Date of Birth: September 2006
Gender: Female
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Character: Beautiful, kind, affectionate.
  UPDATE!   Pauline's region is FINALLY ready to accept a commitment for her adoption.   Please read the following new requirements for interested families:

1.  Must reside in the state of MARYLAND ONLY
2.  Must have a healthy income
3.  Must have no more than 4 children already at home
4.  Must already have a child with Down syndrome

Oh, I am SO happy to finally have new photos and info about this beautiful princess!!!!   I believe she may have Mosaic Down Syndrome, we are trying to confirm that.  She is very high functioning, healthy, active, and social.   She will do so well in a family environment.   More photos available, outstanding agency partner in this region!   MARRIED COUPLES ONLY, PLEASE

I mean, that’s pretty specific, right?  How many families are there in Maryland who meet those criteria?  And who are seeking to adopt?  But the Lord.  Oh, our beautiful Lord!  He had just the right family in mind for Pauline.  Because she has been chosen!  That list of restrictions was not even a speed bump to our Lord. 
Isn’t Pauline just gorgeous?  She doesn’t know it yet, but her life is about to change.  I am looking forward to seeing pictures of this little one home in her mommy’s arms!

And I know that there is hope for the others that wait.  I pray for them, and I ache for them.  I don’t pretend to understand God’s ways, but I trust Him.  I trust Him to be a Father to these little ones while they wait. 
Like Oleg.  Oh, Oleg.  What a grin!  What personality! 

This little guy will turn six next month, and still he waits for a family.  He is in Orphanage 18 on the Reece’s Rainbow website.  He is facing transfer to an institution very soon (or he may already have been moved.  That isn’t known at this point.) 

Oleg - April 2010

Here’s his Reece’s Rainbow description:
Boy, Born August 2, 2005
Look at my little Oleg!  So happy to have a new photo of him, with hair and his big brown eyes!  Oleg is healthy, with no heart complications.  He is very active and an orphanage favorite.   He is already 5 and blessed to still be at the baby house. 
He is facing the institution soon.

$5203.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

Oleg is still waiting to be found.  He has a large grant! 

But unfortunately, he is about to lose that grant.  When children turn six years old, they are moved to the “Down Syndrome 6+” page.  They no longer are able to have individual grants.  (He will still be eligible for the “Older Child” grant, however.)  But I am praying that his family might find him this month, before his birthday, and that his grant will be a blessing to the family who chooses to give this sweet boy what every child deserves:  a family. 

Please consider sharing Oleg on Facebook, Twitter, your own blog, or wherever else you can think of. 

And then there is Shane.  He is in the same orphanage as Oleg.  Last month he turned six years old.  Is this not the cutest little face? 

And look at those sweet hands.  Don’t you just want to hold his little hand and cuddle with him? 

Scoop him up and hug him? 

Shane is just so sweet. 
Boy, Born June 20, 2005
"What you talkin' about, Willis"?   Shane is too cute, and we are so glad to have new pics of him.   He is almost 6 and facing the institution soon.

Waiting on medical info, but he can be adopted with Oleg or Michael (also from orphanage 18) as well! Consider all three!


He also may have already been transferred, like Oleg.  This just is not known yet.  What is known is that Shane and Oleg are two sweet boys who are waiting to be chosen.  Michael, who is mentioned above, was just moved to the “My Family Found Me” page.  That means that he has a family committed to adopting him!  Praise the Lord!  And now what about Shane and Oleg?  I ask the Lord, and I pray.  I ask that you pray, too. 
Not very many families feel equipped to adopt “older” boys.  The older these boys get, the more likely it is that they will be passed over.  That they will spend the rest of their lives locked away in an institution.  But think of Pauline.   A long list of restrictions and unusual requirements, and yet SHE WAS FOUND!  Sure, not every family is able to adopt one, or two, six year old boys with Down Syndrome.  But it doesn’t take lots of families.  It just takes one.  The one that the Lord calls.  “God sets the lonely in families.”  I cling to that promise.  He will lead these children forth out of their prisons with singing!  He has a good plan for them! 

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