Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day!

My oldest son, Isaac, asked what we were celebrating yesterday.  I reminded him of the history lessons we've studied, about how America became a country.  So then he asked me if Gideon is celebrating Fourth of July, too.  "No, he doesn't live in America yet, honey."  "Well, don't they have an Independence Day in his country?" 

So this conversation brought up two important points.  One:  Isaac really wants to learn about the history, culture, and customs of his brother's country.  We are adding that to our homeschool curriculum, because he asks me questions every day, and I am forever running to the internet to look up the answer to his latest query, so we might as well be official about it and call it Social Studies! 

Two:  Gideon does not have all that much freedom to celebrate quite yet, does he?  He has waited in a crib for five years now.  He has waited to be free to figure out who he is and why God created him and what his little body is really capable of.  His day of freedom is coming, though!  We are going to celebrate his very own Independence Day as soon as we can get there and walk away from his crib forever.  Freedom from the crib.  Freedom from being unwanted.  Freedom from fear and loneliness and despair.  We are coming, Gideon!  Your Independence Day is coming!  Hang in there, my sweet love!

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