Sunday, July 3, 2011

Somebody's Missing

Going to the park.   Watering the garden.  Grocery shopping.  Tucking kiddos into bed.  Everywhere I am, everything I do lately, I feel like somebody is missing.  

This little boy that I have only met in pictures and dreams . . .  it seems like he ought to already be here.  He is so much a part of my heart.  I can imagine Gideon here with us, a part of our family.  I wonder . . . will he like to help feed the goats and ducks?  Or will he be afraid of them?  Will he want to help me make cookies?  Will he be a cuddle-bug?  Will he like for me to sing to him, like my dear Gracie, or will he be like my boys and say “Stop singing, please, Mom!”  J  (I don’t blame them.)  Will he like helping Daddy in his woodshop?  Everything we do, I feel like he should be here too.  I am missing him today.    
We spent the afternoon playing in the river

the water was cold!

so Josiah decided to play in the sand instead

Derek caught a crawdad, but Gracie didn't want to touch it

Derek taught the boys how to skip rocks, too

Gracie wanted to cuddle with Mommy while the boys splashed

and we tried to keep Molly from splashing us as she shook herself dry,
but what dog can resist a good shake right next to her people?

Isaac made a bow and some arrows (hey, maybe that's worth a Cub Scout patch?)

and the kids made a really fun boat out of an old log!
So all in all, a picture perfect day, wouldn't you agree?  Next summer we'll have to go back and take Gideon to the river.  I wonder if he will touch a crawdad?  Or dip his toes in the river?

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