Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Puzzle Update

We have an update on Gideon's Birthday Puzzle!  
Five new pieces to add today:
Thank you for loving Gideon and contributing to his gift, and to his rescue!  Someday when he is older he will see your names there and he will see how loved he is!

The puzzle is looking a little better today:
Still a lot of pieces left!  
If you would like to be a part of Gideon's rescue, 
you can use the red ChipIn box to the right.
Any donation of $5 or more 
gets your name written on a puzzle piece.

We have some online adoptive parenting classes that we have been completing the last few days.  They are one of the many requirements for completing our home study.  Honestly don't feel like we're learning much from these classes,  but that could be because we have already read a couple dozen books about adoption.  All sort of seems like review of things we already know, and statements of the obvious.

We were up until 1 a.m. last night to finish up one four-hour course.  I guess that's what to expect when we don't start it until 9 o'clock!  But what else can we do?  Try to complete the course with the kids bouncing like monkeys all around us?  Because you can probably imagine that is exactly what they would do if we announced that we were going to ignore them and stare at a computer screen for four hours!  So if anything calm and focused is going to happen around here, it has to happen after bedtime.  
Hence our 1 a.m. cram session!
I was pretty tired today.
But oh, so worth it!
Because we are now 
one step closer to hugging our son!  

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